Regardless of whether you are new parents and have to deal with parental leave applications, child benefit applications and parental allowance applications or whether health restrictions require you to file rehabilitation or attendance allowance applications – In order to be able to avail yourself of supporting let alone existentially essential government benefits, you first have to break down many bureaucratic barriers.

However, it is especially such new phases of life in which applicants often lack motivation, time and energy let alone the necessary knowledge.

Don’t think you will find out everything you need to know in the short amount of time you have because the really advantageous pieces of information are often details you can only detect by means of extensive expert knowledge. Don’t leave anything to chance – deliberately accept support in order to get what is due to you!

Set up a free informational interview no later than today because the longer you wait, the more valuable benefits you lose!

Within the scope of my professional range of services I am happy to support your cause. LÜCKENLOS will be at your disposal if you wish reliable and holistic support, correctly completed application forms or simply easing the burden of everyday life.

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Then click on services and see the service packages you can book. The FAQs provide answers to questions often asked by customers. However, if your questions should remain unanswered, please contact me personally and I will be happy to be at your disposal anytime.

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I would like to recommend my services to all future grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts and uncles as well as good friends: make a

very special present

to young parents, kind grandparents, caring relatives and loyal friends by booking my services for them. This will give them more time for the really important things and precious moments of life.