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Parental leave

What does parental leave mean?

Parental leave is a legal right of employed mothers and fathers. It enables parents to work less to have more time for child care. [Federal Ministry of families, senior citizens, women and youth]

By implication this does not mean, however, that self-employed people or house husbands and housewifes should not take parental leave into consideration because they are also affected by tasks arising from parental leave.

What to consider when filing parental leave applications?

The newly introduced parental leave regulations provide parents with more leeway as to organising parental leave. You have to consider, however, that parental leave applications which have been filed wrongheadedly as well as insufficiently can negatively influence the flexibility of parental leave and the amount of benefits.

Therefore it is highly recommended to only file parental leave applications after extensively inquiring all combination possibilities and optimising parental allowance applications.

Parental allowance

When is it profitable to file parental allowance applications?

Given that the respective requirements are fulfilled, not only the birth parents of a child but also their domestic or marriage partners, adoptive parents and in special cases even third degree relatives as well as their marital or domestic partners are entitled to parental allowance (§1 of the Federal parental benefit and parental leave law). This makes parental allowance applications seem very worthwhile.

Even foreign parents are entitled to German parental allowance if they meet the requirements prevailing in their country of origin and if comparable foreign benefits have been taken into consideration.

If you want to file basic parental allowance applications and assume that the granted minimum parental allowance is 300 euros (and 150 euros in the case of minimum parental allowance plus, respectively), it is possible to get 5,400 euros of benefits at the minimum if you meet all the respective requirements.

Only in few exceptional cases the minimum parental allowance is lower than 300 and 150 euros, respectively even though all qualifications are fulfilled.

With the help of specific optimisation measures as to applications it is even possible to generate additional benefits of more than a thousand euros even if you only increase the monthly parental allowance by 80 euros. Young parents can really use this additional amount of money for the care of their new family member.

Helpful insights for the application for parental allowance

♠  Many people highly underestimate the time exposure you need to acquire the necessary expert knowledge about parental leave and allowance laws for your concrete case. This can have negative consequences for the maximum exploitation of benefits.

♠  Because of the wide range of combination possibilities the issue of benefit applications seems very confusing to people applying for the first time and parents are often inclined to be content with moderate solutions in order to avoid having to deal with the topic any longer.

♠   People often make mistakes while filling in application forms because they do not understand the forms properly. This can lead to repayments of benefits which have already been received and probably spent.

♠  Many parents mistakenly assume that the responsible authorities tell them how they can improve their application forms.

♠  Many applicants do not know that certain salary components can be detrimental to the amount of parental allowance they can receive.

♠   The requirements are often not understood and therefore not fulfilled or lost sight of and after the reference period applicants are caught unawares by the refund of parental allowance.

♠  Parents submit unfavourable income outlooks because they lack the necessary knowledge and have to refund benefits afterwards.

♠  Applicants often assume they are not entitled to parental allowance and therefore squander the chance of receiving benefits.

♠  When you make mistakes in choosing the months in which you receive your benefits, you can end up getting less money.

Working with LÜCKENLOS

The steps of procurement

1.   Working together starts with making contact without any engagement and costs: We exchange basic information and consider to which extent I can support you in filing applications.

2.   After you have chosen me and I have received a payment receipt for the booked service, I immediately start working on your applications in order to optimise them.

3.   In order to be able to evaluate profitable solutions for your case, I need concrete data which I inquire in advance.

4.    On the basis of your data I draw up combinations possibilities considering your individual circumstances, aiming at a maximisation of benefits.

5.   Then we discuss these combination possibilities during a personal counselling interview and make a choice for your pending applications.

6.   Following this, I completely take care of making the required documents ready.

7.   After you have told me the actual date of birth, I make the necessary adjustments and send you the documents to be signed.

8.   After you have sent me back the documents, I take care of submitting them in due time so that you can receive the benefits that are due to you in a timely manner.

9.   In order that you can fully enjoy domestic happiness, I finally check the notices of granting and in the case of deviations I take the necessary Action.

10.    Additionally, I remind you of important appointments, for instance in the case of a two stage application for benefits or if I have to check your requirements for benefits again in order to maintain your Claims.

When do I have to pay?

In order to be able to use my time as efficiently as possible for the inquiry of your individual circumstances and the optimisation of your benefit applications, you have to pay the package prices charged as a lump sum before I start working. After receiving your payments I immediately start working on your case.

The processing of orders is governed by consumer rights.

What is possible when I have already filed an application?

If you have already filed a parental leave and/or allowance application, I can check your individual case as to the possibility of a higher amount of benefits. It is often possible to change applications to your advantage even though you are already receiving benefits or are not getting any money anymore. In this case, however, many more conditions in addition to the parental allowance application have to be considered when checking and drawing up the combination possibilities.

For checking your optimisation potential I charge a lump sum of 100 euros (gross), which I set off against the processing charge payable for a change order (starting from a certain sum for applications).

This means you are free to decide and can always be sure that a change to your parental allowance application is always to your advantage.